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O&B Puckcast - A Philadelphia Flyers Podcast

Dec 28, 2023

Isaiah and Chef are back with Steve Kournianos of , with a WJC primer, including an update on Flyer prospects Cutter Gauthier, Oliver Bonk, Alex Ciernik and draft eligibles; A look back at 2023 and the New Era of Orange; the latest with Flyers out west, Matvei Michkov & more! 


Dec 14, 2023

Isaiah, Chef and Dan are joined by Kevin Kurz of examining the Flyers recent play after their trip out west. Through one third of the season, the Flyers have surprised the entire league with their play as they currently sit in a playoff spot and seem to have recaptured a level competitiveness missing for...

Dec 6, 2023

Isaiah goes one on one with Anthony DiMarco from and the Stick 2 Hockey podcast in this O&B Puckcast special episode. With 39 games remaining before the NHL Trade Deadline, the Flyers are in the unique position of competing for the post season while nearly half of the roster has an uncertain future...